TFR 330 B

24/09/2018   It is available our rail drilling machine TFR 330 B, a lightweight and easily manoeuvrable machine, equipped with a battery powered engine and able to drill, quickly and accurately, any vignole and tram rails. You can see its technical characteristics on “Railway equipment” page.


13/11/2018 They are available the new mechanical track jacks BML series that have been manufactured with high quality material for obtaining elevated performances both in the railway and industrial sectors. Their peculiarity is the foot: when it is completely descended, it is on the same level of the base.

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Fabio Coltro

My name is Fabio Coltro and I was born in 1950. I started to work in the family business when I was 23 years old. The company was a specialist manufacturer of road-rail loaders. After gaining the necessary technical experience, I focused my efforts on sales & marketing. I quickly realised that our customers needed someone who could provide them with all the necessary equipment they needed for rail contracting. With this in mind, I established FCS in 1988.

I played Rugby at the highest level for Rovigo. Rugby helped me to develop a strong team spirit. It also taught me respect for my opponent and also to put others before myself. I have applied these values in my professional career. I fundamentally believe that personal contact is essential to business today: I know all my customers personally and offer a service that is tailored to their individual requirements. In this way, I have been able to earn their trust and respect.
I give the utmost care and attention to design, manufacture and sell our equipment. I always try to provide the best possible products and always scrupulously assess my suppliers.

Fabio Coltro – President




My name is Stefano and I was born in 1979. In 2002 I started working in my father’s company. Combining my studies with my working life, I obtained a degree in Economics at Bologna University in 2003.

I firmly believe that only a discerning and professional approach can lead to the development of a customer-focused relationship that makes the customer feel that he is part of the company. I strongly feel that a strong relationship with the customer can only be achieved in the long term. Only by listening to our customers suggestions and advice are we able to deliver a better product and provide a faster and more efficient service.

Stefano Coltro – Chief Executive Officer