Railway signalling

Accumulator for turnouts remote control HTR 20

Model Accumulator for turnouts remote control HTR20 Volume L 19,5 Weight Kg 59

Accumulator for turnouts remote control HTR 35

Model Accumulator for turnouts remote control HTR35 Volume L 35 Weight Kg 90

Accumulator for turnouts remote control HTR 50

Model Accumulator for turnouts remote control HTR50 Volume L 50 Weight Kg 121

Ball markers

Aluminium tubes with ball steel tip and indeleibile paint and resistant at temperatures over 300° and waterproof. They write perfectly on all surfaces: metal, glass, plastic, wood, rubber, wetted, oxidized and rough ones. The most used colors in the railway sector are: red, yellow and white. Model   Markers   Colours   several     […]

Flag with pole

Rail signalling flag, with buttonhole for inserting the pole with steel tip and two tapes for assuring them during work. Available decomposable pole. Model   Flag with pole   Pole height cm 160   Aim’s material   iron       Colours   red, green, white/black        

Flag with pole and clamp

Rail signalling flag, with buttonhole for inserting the aluminium pole and two tapes for assuring it during work. In one end of the pole, there is a steel rail clamp. Model   Flag with pole and clamp   Material of the pole   aluminium   Lenght of the pole mm 1500   Type of clamp […]

FS torch

Suitable for emergency and signalling use. It is composed of a plastic coating case, which is resistant and waterproof. In addition, it has two ignition systems: one for using it immediately, in every atmospheric conditions, and one in case of the first system does not work, or if you need to restart the device. Given […]

Head lamp

This head lamp, made of waterproof material, is equipped with a high intensity long lasting white light. Moreover, it is provided with a comfortable elastic band to be positioned around the head, guaranteeing stability during the working phase and giving the possibility to have hands free. In addition, it is possible to tilt the light […]

Kit for railway machine

Model Kit for railway machine Composed of: liquid tank   2 drag shoe   2 signalling flags   short circuiting and continuity with 2 magnet   lantern (white-red-green light) extinguisher wax torch  

Lamp for TE trolleys

Model Lamp for TE trolleys Operating temperature 25°C Fluorescent lamp W 11 Cable length m 3

Led signalling lantern LSL 15

Signalling lantern equipped with white light and red and green sliding filters. It present also a sliding ON/OFF – Morse button and, in the back side, it has a confortable pedestal for laying it in plane surfaces and a strap that allow a firm grip during use and the possibility to hang it on the […]

Led signalling lantern LSL 500

This LED signalling lantern has a white light that can be activated with a side power button and two buttons, also positioned laterally, to activate the red and green light, fixed or intermittent. In the back is equipped with a magnet to make it adhere to metal surfaces or walls, a clip to ensure it, […]

Magnesium Torch

Suitable for emergency and signalling use. It is composed of a tube made with several layers of paper glued together, so as to give it an appropriate mechanical strength. The tube is closed at both ends by plastic caps, the upper is sealed with adhesive tape and the bottom has the function of a means […]

Railway signals

Railway signals in galvanized and painted metal sheet, with characters on a black or white background and coated with a class 1 film with a normal luminous response. The “F” signal indicates the whistle near the work site, the letter “S” indicates the presence of men inside the work site, while letters “C” and “Ȼ” […]

Signal horn

Signalling instrument made of brass and fitted with a steel mouthpiece and a special chain. Simple and practical to use and super light – weight to transport. Model   Signal horn   Material   brass/steel   Dimensions mm 300 x 60 x40        

Signal lamp

LED rechargeable signal lamp, with white light and red and green lenses. On one side, it has a white fixed light and, on the other side, it has an intermittent red light. Accessories: – shoulders belt; – adapter 12V; – electrical transformer 220V; – power bank and wall charging base. Model   Signal lamp   […]

Signal lamp with two coloured lights

Our signal lamp is a device that segnalises a human presence. It has 2 red and white led steady lights , for a lower battery consuption and an increased beam of light. It has an ergonomic handle that facilitates the manual use or the laying on every type of surface. Light-weight, compact and with bayonet […]

Signalling flags

Rail signalling flags, with buttonhole for inserting the wooden handle and two tapes for assuring them during work. Optional: wooden handle of 90 cm. Model   Signalling flags   Colours   red, green, white/black   Dimensions mm 500 x 700        

Swiss model train rear lamp

Removable LED lamp with fixed red light, with double-sided red polycarbonate spherical lens with reflector and a battery holder in polyethylene with red and white stripes for greater visibility. It is applied in pairs, mainly in the tail wagon of the goods trains, during the night, to identify with certainty the completeness of the train, […]

Train rear lamp

Removable train rear lamp consisting of a black composite casing and a white (Ral 9010) and red (Ral 3001) front cover. The light source, in the front part, is composed of 87 LEDs and the luminous flux emitted is red and falls within class 2 of the UNI 9296 law. This light is able to […]

Train rear signal plate

Plate made of aluminum, painted white, with high visibility white and red striped film. Equipped with a coupling on the back side and complete with a bracket for coupling it to the cross member, it is used during the day and mainly on the goods train’s tail wagon to identify with certainty the completeness of […]

Wax Torch

Suitable for emergency and signalling use. It is composed of a wick and raw jute coated with paraffin. Its transversal square section assures maximum stability in every position, included tilted surfaces and in presence of wind. Given the specific composition, this product is not classified as dangerous for the staff, much less harmful to the […]


Metal whistle used by railway personnel, with a small ring for applying a possible string, it emits a sharp trill, audible even at a great distance.   Model   Whistle   Material   Metal        

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