Expo Ferroviaria Milan 2019

From the 1rst to the 3rd of October 2019, we will present at Expo Ferroviaria in Milan, Italy. Visit us at stand B 32, hall 1!

MR 2000 – MR 2000 EP

05/04/2019 It is available the Buffer handling device MR 2000 and MR 2000 EP, a handy light equipment to dismount, handle and mount buffer from locomotives, coaches or wagons. You can see its technical characteristics on “Railway equipment” page.

Rail carrying rollers and Bars

Crow bar

Bars for ordinary movements of the sleepers and the rails. Manufactured in special steel of high resistance and available in two different versions: with open edge and closed edge, both with a tip in the ends. Available various types of lengths. Model   Crow bar    Length with open edge mm from 500 to 2000   Weight […]

Manual pandrol lever

Lever used for manually inserting the most common Pandrol fastclips. Manufactured in special steel for a higher wear resistance and equipped with 2 confortable handles, this lever is light-weight and easy to use. Model   Manual pandrol lever       Length mm 1250       Weight kg 4,0           […]

Rail carrying roller

Roller manufactured in special steel and used for moving long-welded rails. The supporting structure is composed of a roller that runs on two bearings and it is able to support the weight of the rail. The standard version has been designed for rails with a foot of maximum 150 mm. Upon request, they are available, […]

Rail tilting lever

Lever used for manually tilting all common rail types. Manufactured in special steel of high resistance. The length has been specially studied for minimizing the effort of the operator, during its use. Model   Rail tilting lever       Length mm 1600       Weight kg 4,5             […]

Small roller

Tool used for falicitating the sliding of the rail, during the use of the rail stressor, both in pushing and pulling phase. It has been manufactured in special steel for a longer durability and resistance to the wear. Model   Small roller       Weight kg 0,4              

Tow bar

The tow bar is an equipment designed and manufactured for towing rail vehicles with a maximum pull effort not exceeding the permitted one. It consists of a fixed structure in special steel, equipped with a jointed eye on both ends, for hooking to the vehicles in question. Model   Tow bar       Maximum […]

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