Rail wear measuring device MUR 45

This tool is a rail vertical (0°) and lateral (45°) wear measuring device and it reads the height dimension of the rail parallel to the base of rail on different rail types and lateral wear value at 45°. The device can be easily attached to the rail base surface and fixes itself with 6 magnets built into its sole part and the side touch is ensured by a stopper. The vertical wear of rail could be read from the vertical scale and the lateral wear value is shown by the 45° measuring scale as a difference from the theoretical value of the railtype.The height position of lateral wear measuring scale should be setted up for the type of rail before measurement. Finally, this device has a big advantage, because it can be used even if there is guard rail or flangeway in the point to be measured.

Model   MUR 45
Heigth value
mm 130 – 185
Side wear value
mm 0 – 25
Operational temperature
°C -25 +90
Dimensions mm 295 x 243 x 60
Weight kg 1,5

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