Portable pipe clamp for press P 100

Designed and patented to perform a rapid pressing in emergency in the work site and in the work of hoses from 1 | 8″ to 1″ with fittings both straight and 90 °.
The interlock system is adopted, so that without incision and removal of the material that covers the flex hose. It consists of a small portable press, with linear valve at a controlled pressure and a manual hydraulic pump at two speeds. There are also seven different sets of magnetic inserts for pressing the tube to the fitting. Everything is contained in a wooden case.

Technical Data
P 100
Diameter of the pressing
mm 10 – 39
Pressforce t 100
Magnetic inserts from mm 14-16-19-23-27-31-39
Pressure of work bar 500
Dimensions mm 270x270x105
Press weight kg 25
Pump weight kg 5


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