Maintenance hydraulic power wrench IHM 1000 P

The maintenance hydraulic power wrench has been designed to lock and unlock wrenches, bolts and nuts for anchoring the rail to the sleepers. The hydraulic transmission is used for adjusting the tightening torque, which is indicated by a gauge on the frame. All movements are assisted by electro-sensors. A particular feature of this machine is the speed of processing, which is due to the existence of a hydraulic pump to increase the screwing and unscrewing speed, while a second high-pressure hydraulic pump is activated automatically only to give the maximum torque when it is required, at the beginning of unscrewing or at the end of screwing operations. It is easy to handle and the robustness of all its components make it unique in the market. With the machine we can also supply the trolley with 3 or 4 wheels for different types of gauge and a wide range of accessories such as: sockets, extensions and articulations.

Incavigliatrice idraulica di manutenzione IHM 1000 PH (800x530)

Model   IHM 1000 P
Engine/Fuel   Honda/Petrol
Engine power
 kW 4,3
Max. torque
Nm 1000
Dimensions mm 1500x590x800
Dry weight kg 86

IHM 1000 P

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