Rail grinding machine MPR 4000 E

Designed to make the re-profiling of the rail head after welding. It is equipped with an electric engine, which perfectly operates even when the machine is tilted by 90°. The transmission from the engine to the grinding stone happens thanks to a V-belt with a tensioner. The protected action of the belt, the grinding wheel and a comfortable steering bar guarantee maximum safety and minimum effort for the operator. The machine is also equipped with: two rollers for its longitudinal displacement on the rail, two lateral supports, which ensure stability during operation, a handwheel for adjusting the depth of grinding with a graduated scale, an emergency stop button a block and a guide rod for tilting the machine. The machine can be optionally supplied with a kickstand and also grinding stones can be provided upon request.
Finally, it is necessary to specify the type of plug that should be applied.

MPR 4000 E

Model   MPR 4000 E
Engine   Electric
Power engine kW 3
Grinding stone rotation speed rpm 2880
Dimensions mm 600x1000x829
Dry weight kg 65



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