Yard mechanical power wrench IMC 1400 P

The mechanical power wrench IMC 1400 P has been designed to lock and unlock wrenches, bolts and nuts for anchoring the rail to the sleepers. The operator selects a range of tightening torque using a potentiometer located on the front part of the carter, which is connected to the electronic board that controls the electromagnetic clutch. For the working phase, the machine is equipped with a slow and a fast gear, which can be selected by the operator using two buttons on the front of the carter. For the bolts heavely degradated by weathering and environmental conditions, the operator can select the slow gear and thus obtain the maximum force that can be selected from the potentiometer. The inversion of rotation of the spindle takes place through 2 levers placed in the handles (right lever for screwing, left lever for unscrewing). These new concept machines have a combination of excellent properties such as operating speed, considerable unscrewing power, precise screwing torque, easy handling and strenght of all its components. It is the ideal machine for hard works. We can also supply the 3 or 4 wheels trolley for various types of track gauges and a wide range of sockets, extensions and articulations.

Incavigliatrice IMC 1400 P

Model   IMC 1400 P
Engine/Fuel   Honda/Petrol
Engine power kW 6,3
Max. torque with slow / fast gear
Nm 1400 – 430
Dimensions mm 1950x700x800
Dry weight without accessories
kg 130



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